The Wait for a Commitment

Being in a relationship with a person has many different aspects. Successful long term relationships or marriages always contain the necessary element of respect, and this must be shown before a commitment can occur. There are still many people who believe physical intimacy should not take place between partners before that commitment has been made. This period of celibacy may be a trying time for both partners, but it might be the only way they can form a lasting relationship.

Men find waiting for physical intimacy to be particularly difficult. Modern morals and values have led them to expect physical intimacy with a partner in a relatively short amount of time. Being with someone who wishes to wait creates sexual tension they must relieve in other ways. Many choose to become male masturbators rather than seek out a partner for physical relief only. They believe this helps them endure the wait while being faithful.

For those who have not experienced this type of relationship issue in the past, it may become difficult to find relief. Virtual reality porn is one way to experience relief without guilt or shame. It provides the sexually active person a realistic experience without an actual partner being present. VR porn has taken this intimate experience to an entirely new level for modern users. Virtual reality headsets are now easy to use as well as lightweight.

This type of relief is not the same as being with a partner who is physically present, but that does not necessarily detract from the experience. Suspending the reality of the outside world with a good headset and competent video can provide a relaxing outcome that makes waiting for a partner easier. It can enhance the relationship by removing unnecessary sexual tension that may cause a rift between partners.