When Everything Goes Right

Asking someone out for a date can be a time when anxiety is overwhelming, and it might be difficult to know how to respond when the answer is yes. Making plans and trying to figure out what would work best adds yet one more level to the anxiety. As the time for the date approaches, both singles may find their concern for what could go wrong is making them skittish. It might seem impossible, but there are times when everything goes right on a first date. It should be an enjoyable experience for both, and they should stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Going out to eat at a nice restaurant is often part of a first date. There are multiple things that could go wrong, and they often do. The food could be not up to par on that particular night, or the service could be awful. There are times when people have a reservation and arrive to find it has been lost. That might be the most difficult scenario to go through.

If the night begins well with great service and excellent food, then the weather could turn bad. A lovely day of sunshine could become an evening of blustery winds and drenching rain. This is not an ideal way to escort a date to and from a local eatery, and it may even put a damper on the conversation. Worse than that could be running into a former partner with a bad attitude. That alone could change the date forecast from sunny to dark and scary.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong at any time in life, yet it always seems worse when two people are on their first date. The insecurities they may feel are magnified, and it can make their nerves twitch while they wait for the worst to happen.