When the Answer Is Yes

Many hopeful suitors have learned to accept rejection as a matter of course, and they can be thoroughly stunned when their endeavors are cut short by a positive response. Left standing speechless, they may lose their opportunity if they are not ready with a plan to consolidate their gain. Knowing the person they are asking and suggesting an activity for the date is their next step, and it should be relayed to the object of their affection immediately. Those who fail at this step will find yet another rejection, so preparing for a positive answer is important.

Knowing the likes and dislikes of the person they are attempting to date is one way to be able to suggest likely venues for a date if the answer is yes, so studying the person they want to date can be important. For those who choose to simply approach an unknown person and ask, they should have a standard date in mind when a positive response occurs. It might garner them a rejection if the person is uninterested, but at least they had an opportunity.

There are always people who fantasize about going out with someone they have known for years, and they generally have a good chance to propose an intriguing date idea. As long as they hold up a front that suggests they are not as stunned as they feel, their success is almost a given. It could take a while for them to really accept the positive response they received, but they should recover in time for their hoped for meeting.

Taking advantage of every opportunity will give a single person the best chance to win the date of their dreams, so observation should be their first goal. Formulating a plan for asking the question should be their next concern, and they should be prepared to follow it up with the perfect date suggestion if their first two objectives are met.