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More ... Strategies for Dating

Strategies for Dating

Professional help is acceptable in many areas of life

More ... The Wait for a Commitment

The Wait for a Commitment

There are still many people who believe physical intimacy should not take place between partners

More ... Achievable Dating Goals

Achievable Dating Goals

Being physically intimate with a person being considered for a long term relationship often has lasting consequences.

More ... Dating Alternative

Dating Alternative

Dating and finding the perfect mate is not always the answer to a person’s dreams. Each person has their own focus in life.

More ... Learning to Date Again

Learning to Date Again

Whether it is death or divorce that takes away a long term partner, a person must now begin the search for a new partner.

Dating Alternative

How to Successfully Get a Date?

It takes confidence and an open mind to ask a person out on a date. Once a person has found someone to spend time with, there is always the question of whether or not that person feels the same. Using a trite pick-up line is not always the best way to go. A person must also bear in mind they need an idea of where they will go and what they will do on the date before the question is even posed. This presents multiple issues as the person must also be prepared to be turned down. The best way to succeed is to be prepared for just about anything, including a positive answer.